New Low Carb Recipe!

New Recipe alert! I’ve tried it, and its delicious!

Here are the things you need

Spaghetti Squash
Parmesan Cheese
Basil Pesto
Minced Garlic
Italian seasoning
Onion powder

If you’ve prepared spaghetti squash before, then you may already know how to do these first few steps.

  1. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees
  2. Rinse off your spaghetti squash and cut it in half.  I cut mine long ways, just to be sure everything cooks evenly.
  3. Once you’ve got it cut, remove all of the seeds and debris from the middle.  You don’t want to eat that part, its gross.
  4. Now its time to season your squash.  This is a very important part because if you don’t season it, it will be very bland. Here’s what I used. unnamed.jpg
  5. First, I added the basil pesto.  I used a spoon and spread this all over both sides of the squash.
  6. Second, I added minced garlic to the squash.  Be careful with the garlic, because if you put too much, you’ll basically have garlic squash.  I usually use around half a teaspoon for both sides.
  7. For the next step, I added chopped onions however, onion powder is great as well.
  8. Lastly, I added a pinch of salt to each half and I loaded the pepper on.
  9. Turn the two halves over on your baking sheet and place them in the oven for 45-60 minutes (I usually lean toward the hour mark)
  10. Once the squash is done, wash your spinach and cut the stems off.  I’m not that fond of spinach, so I didn’t add a lot.  I used 1 1/2 cup of spinach.  All I did was put Pam or Olive Oil in the pan and cooked the spinach.  I didn’t add any extra seasoning, however you can add some if you feel like its necessary.  Cook the spinach around 5-10 minutes or until it’s a dark green color and it looks like spinach instead of leaves. 🙂
  11. Cook your bacon.  I cook mine in the microwave but people cook theirs in the oven or on the stove.  Do what you feel, just make sure its crispy.
  12. After the spinach is done, I took the inside of the squash and added it to the same pan as the spinach.  When you’re doing this, be sure to use a fork, so the squash will look like fake pasta, if not you’ll end up with a mashed potato looking substance, like mine.
  13. Once the bacon is done, crumble it up and add it to your pan.
  14. Mix the squash, spinach and bacon then add the parmesan cheese.  But be careful to not make it too mashed potato like.
  15. Enjoy!


This is a low card meal and it’s delicious. It may not look the best, but trust me, it’s good! You’ll get plenty of veggies and it’s very fulfilling. Try it out if you get a chance and tell me what you think! Like I’ve said in the past this should be a lifestyle change, so incorporating healthy meals like this into your daily lifestyle is essential!

Stay on the look out for more recipes.  Cauliflower Pizza is coming up next!

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