So you’ve fallen off a bit…

Have you slipped up on your journey to be a healthier you?  I’m not going to lie, I HAVE.  I didn’t gain any weight, but I sure didn’t lose any either.  But let’s be realistic, life happens.  I started traveling every other week, work picked up, and I’ve started packing for my move.  It seems like there’s just not enough time in the day to fit in a decent workout.  I promise you, I get it.  But I’ve mentally had enough of being at this particular weight, so I HAVE to get back to it.  Here 5 steps to getting back on your health kick!

  1. Buy new workout gear.  This is probably my favorite one.  Nothing gets me more in the mood to work out than buying new workout clothes/shoes.  Plus, there’s nothing wrong with looking fabulous while you sweat.
  2. Try some new recipes. Whenever I’m trying to get back into my healthy eating routine I always look on Pintrest to try to find new recipes! The more yummy recipes you find, the more delicious and healthy food you’re have to try.
  3. Rediscover your fitness goals.  Find that picture of your ideal body.  Or just reminisce on how you physically and mentally felt when you were working out and eating healthy.
  4. Get on the scale.  This is my least favorite.  I know it’s not always about weight, but this is definitely effective.  When you get back on the scale and see that you haven’t lost any weight or that you may have gained a few pounds, you’ll be ready to get right to work.
  5. Change your workout routine.  When you’ve continued to do the same things over and over again, you get bored and believe it or not your body gets bored too.  You need to switch up your workouts every once in a while just to keep your muscles from getting comfortable.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing this 12 week workout.  But now that I’m finished I need to get excited about something else.  I’ll let you know exactly what I’ve gotten myself into if I start to see results (Spoiler Alert: I’m going to start boxing).

You can either do all 5 of these, just one or a combination of them.  It doesn’t matter.  As long as you make the conscious decision to make time for yourself and take control of your health then you’ll be successful.  Results take time and I have to remind myself of that every day.  But if you pay more attention to how you feel emotionally and physically you’ll probably be able to see those results sooner than later.  Isn’t it worth it?


2 thoughts on “So you’ve fallen off a bit…”

  1. Great tips. They really make you think about what is essential to your fitness goals. And it’s personal and individual. I had lost 40 pounds earlier this year and I have gained all them back plus 5 pounds. My guy friend told me he watch me lose weight for a trip 😏
    He said you can lose it so why not lose it as a lifestyle. Sooo these tips are on time and I am about to get ready to be the best me


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