Got Bad Habits?

Over eating or eating the wrong things are all a result of a habit we created for ourselves at some point in time.  However, I’ve found a trick that may help you turn your bad habits into healthy ones.

At work, my team is currently reading “The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business” by Charles Duhigg.  Chapter 3 of this book stuck out to me because not only am I able to apply this to my work life,  I’m able to apply this to my personal life.  More specifically my healthy living challenge.  I strongly believe that one of the main reasons people fall off the bandwagon when it comes to lifestyle changes is because they never really change, they temporarily adjust.  Temporarily adjusting leaves room to revert back to your old and unhealthy habits.

In “The Power of Habit”, the author breaks habits down into 3 stages: the cue (what triggers you to perform the bad habit), the routine (the actual habit), and the reward (what you get from performing the bad habit).

For me personally, I would eat because I was bored or throwing a pity party and 95% of the time I was either of these.  Which means I was eating SOMETHING 95% of the time.  The key to changing a habit is changing the second stage, the routine.  When I get bored, instead of eating, I decided to work out.  Or if I’m truly hungry I’ll eat one of my “healthy” snacks.  I end up getting the same reward…not being bored/having something to do.  As a result of changing my bad habit, I’ve formed new habits.  Working out has become a habit.  I workout when I’m stressed, when I feel like I need a “win”, when I’m feeling tired, when I’m bored, when I’m sad or when I have any other negative feelings that may trigger negative habits.  The same thing goes for wanting certain foods that aren’t good for me.  For example, I LOVE pasta but pasta is the devils food.  Therefore, I have to stay away from pasta.  I’ve found alternatives for eating pasta, or wanting fried rice, or wanting spaghetti, which has changed my pasta/rice addiction.

Its 100% possible to change your bad habits for good and not just put a band-aid on the unhealthy activities we sometimes participate in.  First you have to admit that you’re doing them.  Then you have to decide to make a change.  Most people I talk to can get over the first step.  They know that they are doing something wrong.  Then they say that want to change, but they never actually let go of the bad habit.  Things are going to stay exactly the same if you don’t make a conscious effort to make a change.  The excuse “I just can’t live without (insert unhealthy habit here)” will hinder you from becoming the greatest version of yourself mentally and physically.

Be blessed.  Stay Focused.

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