Beware of the Pitty Pit

Don’t fall into the pit.  What is the pit?  You know that place your mind goes when you’re in a negative mood or in a funk?  You know when something goes wrong then you feel like everything else during the day will be terrible?  That’s the pit.  Don’t fall into the pit.

I am notorious for falling into my own personal pit.  My most recent Pre-Pit experience was a Monday morning, when things weren’t going my way.  I had a couple of errands to run before work (yes, they had to be done that morning) and they ended up being extremely time consuming.  I create a daily schedule of all the things that I feel like I need to do during the day and I was way behind schedule.  Then that evening, I got flat tire while trying to run my evening errands.  I’m very picky about my schedule and I’m not very flexible, so you can only imagine how I’m feeling.  The longer I think about it, the closer I get to falling into the pit.  After I get off my schedule, everything else about my Monday is terrible.  The clouds are grey, the grass is brown, there are no good parking spots, I didn’t get to meal prep, I don’t feel like working out, etc.  I was extremely close to falling into the pit.  I’m basically on the edge by now.

I have to remind myself to stop it.  Stop being so dramatic.  Stop making everything the end of the world. Stop complaining.

There are people with real problems in the world and I’m upset because I’m late and can’t execute my schedule the way I originally wanted to.

How often do we do this in our lives?  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I fall into the pit all the time.  For example last week, I had gotten discouraged with my weight loss because I hadn’t seen any progress in awhile.  I had told myself that I was going to give up and I wasn’t going to work out anymore.  And I was going to eat whatever I wanted to because I wasn’t losing weight anyway.  Typical Pit behavior.  Luckily, my friend and workout partner was there to help me get out of my pit and back on track.

I have 5 steps that I practice religiously to get myself out of my own pit of pitifulness.

  1. Focus on what’s going right.  I know that sounds corny, but it works.  Shift your thought process so that you’re focusing on things that are good at that moment in time.
  2. Do something that will quickly boost your mood.  For me, that’s coffee.  Grabbing a quick drink from Starbucks is one of the ways I can help improve my mood.  Listening to Auntie Beyoncé or my big cousin Trina also puts me in a great mood.
  3. Remind yourself of your end goals.  Remember why you’re working and what you’re working towards.  Isn’t that end goal too important to give up on now?
  4. Look for small ways that you have progressed.  Even if you’re behind schedule, you still have the opportunity to make up for lost time.  Even if you’re not losing weight like you planned, you still may be losing inches, and you probably physically feel better.  Focus on the little victories.
  5. Breathe.  Take 5 minutes to relax and breathe.  You’ll get back on track.  Pull yourself out of your funk and get you mind right.  Refocus.  Its not the end of the world. Move in the direction of a thankful mindset. Even if things aren’t going as planned remember that you have the ability to fix whatever it is.  Be thankful for that.

These steps have helped me tremendously.  I’ve had to use them today because I was on my way to the pit and I would have fallen hard.  Its so easy for our minds to shift to the negative things that occur.  And when one bad thing happens we begin to remember all the other bad things that have happened.  Make a conscious habit to prevent your mind from going off the deep end.  After all, trouble doesn’t last always.  There is no use in wallowing in it.

Be blessed. Stay focused.

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