Im Twenty Four


Today is my birthday! 

At first I decided that I was going to lie and tell everyone that I was turning 21 and most people would believe me because they don’t know any better.  Then I decided to accept the fact that I was entering my mid twenties and eventually I’ll be 50 (I’m being dramatic, I get that from my Daddy).

Twenty-Three was a year of growth and transition.  I moved to a new city, started my first “grown up” job, moved into my first apartment, and had to buy 4 new tires for my car (that was traumatizing and expensive, don’t ask me to drive anywhere).  I’ve had to do some soul searching and a whole lot of adulting. From paying bills to getting my first credit card and having no spring break, I’ve learned and grown so much.

I can officially say that I’ve kept up with my healthy eating habits for a whole year.  I haven’t had my temptation foods in a year (soda, rice and pasta) and I will continue to not have those foods.  I’ve worked out 320 times according to my Activity App on my watch and phone. And I’ve developed a love for eating things that are good for you.  I love to feel like my best self and I finally understand how I can physically have some control over that.

I can admit, I was afraid of growth for a while.  You would frequently hear me say that I was never going to grow up (even though it was already happening).  I would tell my parents that I wanted to be a child forever, which still doesn’t sound like a bad idea.  However, there is beauty in growth and wisdom.  There is a sense of accomplishment and peace when you realize that you can support yourself and you have the means be your own person if you choose to.  The more I have growth, the quicker it came.  I’m not the type to go with the flow, but its necessary when God is in control and you’re not.

Three things I’ve learned during my 23rd year of life

  1. Trust the process.  I’ve seen people around me fighting the process.  Attempting to skip steps because they felt like they were behind.  It was a frequent reminder for me to trust the process of life.  God has a plan for you, so who are you to skip the steps?  There is a way and a path that you must take in order for you to get to where you’re going.  That doesn’t mean do nothing and think that Gods wind will blow you along the way.  It just means be patient.  Do the best that you can do.  Work hard. Pray. Plan for your future, but don’t be resistant to change when God tells you to move and do something that may not be apart of your ‘plan’.
  2. Being alone is okay.  Being by yourself is fine.  You won’t die.  You’ll learn things about yourself.  You’ll figure out what you like and what you don’t like.  You’ll read more and be more creative.  You’ll have the opportunity to do exactly what you want to do. The more time I spent with myself the less crap I was willing to accept from other people.  Its not the end of the world.
  3. Adulting isn’t bad, its just annoying. Being an “adult” isn’t a 100% bad thing.  Even though sometimes, I wish I could just go to school forever and be in the bed by 9 pm.  Its exciting to know that you and your parents can now have a relationship that is more than just them being your parent.  You can almost be friends with your parents…almost.  You all can have intellectual discussions and maybe even be business partners.  Plus, when you’re able to function on your own, you give your parents a piece of mind.  They know that they’ve raised a healthy human being who can survive.  I am so grateful that I can start giving my parents and my grandparents a peace of mind.  I still have some learning to do (like saving, I’m just not good at that).  But I know, if something happened to them, I could take care of myself and my brother if need be.

Hopefully you can accept and embrace growth and change like I’ve learned to.  I’m still a work in progress sometimes I tend to resist because I get comfortable.  But I know that life is happening for me and not to me.  I can honestly say that I have a peace of mind because I know I am more than equipped with the tools to live life.  I have my faith, my mind, and support from my family and friends.

Here’s to 24.  May it continue to be filled with growth, learning, wisdom, and self sufficient peace and happiness.

Stay focused.  Be blessed.



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