Finding Comfort in Being Uncomfortable

Lately, I’ve myself in multiple uncomfortable positions from my career to my personal life.  I’ve been stressed and defensive most of the time.  I even stopped working out for awhile, which isn’t want I should have done (but I stayed consistent with my eating).  I had ongoing headaches, my neck was hurting and I was avoiding making every life decision that came my way.

When I get stressed, I run to my parents because I am an adult child.  They’re always there to calm me down when I’m doing too much and in this case, I clearly was.  I was panicking and there was really no reason to because the situations that I were in, were blessings.  BUT these specific blessings caused me to be in an uncomfortable position and that truly bothered me.  I like comfort and security.  I like knowing exactly what is going to happen at all times.  I like having all the information and facts THEN making decisions, instead of doing it the opposite way.  But my parents quickly reminded me that that’s just not how things work.  That’s not how the world works.  The world moves at its own pace and if you’re not ready to adapt, then you’ll get left behind.  When God says move, you have to pick up and move.

The biggest thing that I’ve learned during this particular season in my life is that being uncomfortable has been a direct result of growth.  When you grow, you’re likely handling something that you haven’t experienced before.  Growth is never a bad thing and 9 times out of 10, its going to put you out of your comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with being uncomfortable.  I’ve been trying to get excited about being uncomfortable instead of being afraid.  If I feel myself getting in an uncomfortable position, I know growth is somewhere down the line.

Being progressive is never a bad thing.  We’re meant to evolve in every aspect of our lives (careers, relationships, hobbies, etc.).  Don’t run from growth, embrace it.  Without growth, you’ll continue to be in your current situation.  If anything, this blog is for me.  I’m currently trying to convince myself to accept my current situations as an opportunity to grow.  Its hard for someone like me, who likes for things to stay the same for as long as possible.  But I’m have to get with the program because I am not getting left behind and I’ll never reach my full potential if I avoid uncomfortable spaces.

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