My Top Hair and Skin Products

Although I’m not an official member of the beauty world.  I know enough not to be clueless.  Currently, my skin, hair and makeup routines are set in stone and they’ve been working for me.  Here are my favorite products right now.


  1. FORM Beauty
    If you need a personal hair care regimen, here you go.  I’ve been natural for almost 2 years and I’ve been looking for products that can keep my hair conditioned and breakage free.  When you visit you take a quiz and once you complete the quiz, you get a personalized hair care regimen that includes a clarifying shampoo, a moisturizing shampoo,  conditioner, leave in conditioner, curl enhancer and curl polisher.  I rotate between the clarifying shampoo and the regular shampoo weekly and then I follow up with the “revive” deep conditioner (because I have color on my hair).  After I rinse out the conditioner, I apply the leave in conditioner and style.  I also use the leave in conditioner to refresh my hair daily in the mornings.  I recommend it! It may be a little pricey, but I don’t mind spending money on my hair care products.
  2. Rose Water
    From my hair to my skim, to a light perfume.  I use rose water for almost everything.  This winter was brutal.  It was cold and dry and my hair and skin were directly affected.  I used rose water to try keep everything together.  I am currently using the Mario Badescu rose water which I get from Ulta.  I have a large version in my home and a smaller version in my purse (just in case).  I would spray it in my hair and in my face if I felt like they were getting dry.  I would also spray it on my hands and rub it in like lotion (after I put actual lotion on).  In my opinion, it locked the moisture in and prevented me from looking dry and ashy. I plan on making my own version of rose water, but if you don’t have time for that this is a great alternative!
  3. Bhai Cosmetics Sunflower Serum
    This has been a life saver! I’m currently on my third bottle.  I use my serum every day, in the morning and before I go to bed.  Its helped me with my keep my surface acne under control.  Its also helped me get rid of my dark spots.  They do take a little long to get your product to you.  I’d like to believe that its because they have to make the product from scratch.  Check out their Instagram and website for other success stories.
    IG: bahicosmetics
  4. Aloe
    There is nothing like fresh aloe.  I have to get a new leaf every week.  I actually plan on getting a whole plant this summer.  I rub fresh aloe gel all over my face and anywhere else where I see a blemish.  It heals surface level acne up literally overnight and its 100% natural so there are no extra chemicals.  If you have irritated skin, I would recommend fresh aloe.  I currently get my aloe leaf from Whole Foods, however I’ve seen some Kroger store have began to sell aloe leaves.  I will be uploading a skin care routine video soon where I’ll teach you how to harvest the gel from the leaves!
  5. Probiotics
    Probiotics are good for you.  Point blank.  They’re good for your digestive system and over all bodily functions.  I know that this is a strange “beauty product” but they’re also good for treating acne from the inside out.  My dermatologist recommended I take probiotics when I first started trying to get my skin under control and trust me, it makes a difference.  Having a healthy balance of bacteria in your body effects how your skin looks.  I believe in not only fixing your skins outside appearance but fixing the problem from the inside as well, especially if you have acne under your skin.
  6. Design Essentials
    I use Design Essentials styling products for my hair faithfully.  After I’ve used my FORM Beauty products to cleanse and condition my hair, I follow up with Design Essentials.  I’m currently using the Curl Enhancing Mousse and the Almond and Avocado Curling Creme.  I top it off with either the flax seed or coconut oil Eco Styler gel from additional hold.

If you cannot tell, I love these products.  I’ve bought these products more than once and been doing my skin and hair routines for months now.  If you can, pick some of these products up and try them out.  Let me know what you think.  If you’re using something that works for you, feel free to share.  I love to try new products! There’s always room for improvement.


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